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Advantages Of Cosmetic Laser Surgery}

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Advantages of cosmetic laser surgery



If youre a woman, then, there is one thing you positively dread: wrinkled, blemish-filled skin! But wrinkles, acne, pimples, scars and crowfeet are the natural fallout of ageing and you cannot really block these developments using natural methods. Fortunately, new age beauty treatments have made it possible to tighten skin and get rid of blemishes, so that it appears as soft, unlined and fault-free as a babys. One such popular and hugely successful technology is cosmetic laser surgery.

In laser resurfacing, the topmost layers of the skin are vaporized. Since acne, rashes, scars and lines caused by sun damage are embedded in this topmost layer of the skin, removing it is like creating a fresh and clean surface of the skin. Even benign superficial growth on the skin is removed, thus putting an end to black marks and unsightly moles. Look at it this way; you get a brand new layer of skin that looks fresh, young and beautiful.

Cosmetic laser surgery has many advantages over other forms of cosmetic surgery.

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Laser surgery is non invasive. So, there is minimal pain and discomfort. Also, the recovery period is much shorter and there are no telltale scars that take forever to heal. When lasers are used to cut through the skin, there is minimal bleeding unlike scalpel surgeries which lead to copious bleeding. Besides, a practiced hand can easily use the laser selectively on certain areas of the skin.

As we age, several factors work to damage the collagen under the skin. It is this collagen that keeps the skin looking supple and fresh. Smoking and excessive sun exposure can break the collagen deposits. Cosmetic laser surgery actually helps the formation of new collagen, thus giving the skin its naturally fresh look.

You can get best results from cosmetic laser surgery when it is used just as soon as signs of aging begin to occur. Thats because this procedure can easily get rid of fine lines. Cosmetic laser surgery is also used to tighten the skin in areas where there is mild laxity. However, deep wrinkles or a crepey neck require the traditional methods of cut-and-stitch surgery.

One of the most popular uses of cosmetic laser surgery is in the removal of unwanted hair. The laser heats the hair follicle and ultimately burns it, so, renewed growth of hair is minimal. Unwanted hair can be removed permanently.

The use of laser for cosmetic purposes is being continuously refined and adapted to meet the growing demands of a society that is more conscious that ever about external appearances. So, one can expect many new treatments becoming available to ordinary folks through cosmetic laser surgery in the near future.

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