Days 3 To 5 Of The Think Blue Kitesurf World Cup 2014

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The Think Blue Kitesurf World Cup 2014 is still in progress at St. Peter-Ording, Germany.

Here’s the highlights from day three to day five.

On day three of the event, weather forecasts predicted a day of light to no winds. A slight breeze came in the morning but then weakened and faded away for the rest of the day. With such conditions, participants were released by 5:00 PM. So with no competition for the day, everyone was left to hang out and just enjoy the festivities available. Some riders met their fans and signed autographs for them. TV and media are also around so the competitors took up the opportunity to discuss anything that s up. Sponsors and brands had the chance to promote their merch as well. St. Peter-Ording is a large venue by the North Sea coast and for the event, the village is filled with relaxing areas, food and drink stalls just everything and anything for entertainment before, during and after the competition. Or in this case, when there is no contest for the day.

Indeed even with all the world class riders of both freestyle and slalom out there on the water arena, we won t be able to outdo nature. Nevertheless, the weather forecast is said to show improving conditions for the next days.


On the fourth day, there was elevated action from both slalom and freestyle as the wind picked up. The day started with calm conditions while the riders meeting was ongoing at 10:30 AM. But then, the atmosphere lifted up with the winds, resulting to a significant competition event.

There was one round for the slalom category and then because of the occurrence of dying winds, both the men s and women s freestyle trials were only left to four heats.

The winds averaged from 10 to 12 knots, with a maximum of 15 knots. The men s freestyle trials were first and afterwards, the women took off. It was then decided to wait for the winds to increase before resuming the freestyle category. The slalom riders then took center stage.

From the men, Bryan Lake of the United States led throughout the entire race, while Florian Gruber of Germany beat everyone for the second place. The top three spots for the women were initially occupied by Katja Roose of The Netherlands, Kari Schibevaag of Norway and Bibiana Magaji of Slovakia. Katija and Kari managed to maintain their standing but Bibiana was overtaken by Annelous Lammerts of the Netherlands.

At the freestyle division, notable players were Therese Taabbel of Denmark, Youri Zoon of The Netherlands and Ariel Corniel of the Dominican Republic.

With the crazy and unpredictable weather, it was definitely a day full of intense clashes that even the audience saw and felt.

By day five, the winds ranged from 7 to 12 knots. Slalom became center attention and three rounds were completed.

Julien Kerneur of France managed to finally win some and he finished second overall while Florian went down to third place. Katja and Annelous turned out first and second while Christine Boenniger of Germany was third place.

Even if they are in top positions, these kiteboarders should not relax because the rest of the pack poses as threats. So far, with four days still left for the event, it is still not definite who will be able to take the final win.

Let us anticipate the thrilling results!

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