Find The Right Cat Daycare In Everett

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byAlma Abell

It should go without saying that when it comes to boarding pets, cats have different needs than dogs. As a result, it’s important to find a Cat Daycare in Everett that is specifically tailored to those needs. Not all pet boarding facilities give adequate attention to the specific needs of their feline guests. Below are a few red flags to look out for when evaluating a facility that can help cat owners avoid leaving their pets at the wrong facility.

Cats Boarded With or Close to Dogs


There are reasons for the ages old axiom “fighting like cats and dogs.” The two species do not get along. Even if they are in separate crates or quarters, if cats are quartered nearby where they can easily be terrorized by large and cat-aggressive dogs, it’s bad news. Find someplace that has a dedicated cattery where they will be with other friendly felines and away from the potential terrors of any size of dogs.

Not Enough Space

Cats are independent creatures that require space to themselves. They should be privately boarded at night if they will be kept overnight, and be provided with entertainment during the daytime such as cat trees and toys. Aggressive cats should be kept away from other animals, and the safety and comfort of all feline friends should be accommodated. Each cat should have access to his or her own litter box as well. Rows of cages, shared litter boxes or completely communal space at night are bad signs.

Inadequate Light or Temperature Control

House cats in particular are used to a little bit of luxury. They will certainly not be happy without natural sunlight and consistent temperature. Don’t allow cats to be boarded outside, and ensure that all rooms they are kept in have adequate lighting. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Looking for a Cat Daycare in Everett for daily or long-term boarding? Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc has dedicated space for feline friends away from dogs where they can enjoy the luxuries of home while their owners are away. Comfort and safety are priorities, and owners can even leave their cats’ favorite food to avoid disrupting their meal-time routines.

Why Confined Spaces Are Dangerous

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byAlma Abell

In certain workplaces, there are areas that are extremely unsafe due to multiple factors, such as gas, lack of oxygen, or dangerous liquids. Oftentimes, they’re poorly lit or have no lights, so you have to provide your own light source since those areas aren’t meant for humans to be in for any length of time. In those places, there’s a high risk of an accident happening if you aren’t careful, and someone can be seriously injured as a result. Those areas can make it extremely difficult to rescue those people without being put at risk yourself. That’s where confined space rescue teams come in, since they’re both equipped and trained in rescuing people in those kinds of situations.

Why Should You Have One on Speed-Dial?

If someone is injured or in capacitated in those confined spaces, you have a very limited amount of time to rescue that person. Since the conditions are so dangerous, they could die, suffer brain damage, or other lasting consequences. Attempting to rescue them yourself can easily put you at risk, and a considerable number of deaths or injuries come from failed rescue attempts by untrained personnel. Rescue teams on the other hand are trained specifically to get in and get out of dangerous situations with the person they’re rescuing. They know what and what not to do in the process and won’t take any unnecessary risks that endanger others in the process.

Which Rescue Teams Are The Best For You?

If you’re planning on having one being available at quick notice, you need to consider a couple facts. First you need to consider the location where they’re at and how quickly they can get here. If someone is in danger, a minute could make a huge difference in whether they can be saved or not. You also have to consider how reliable they are. If they respond quickly, that’s good, but you also have to consider whether the team is professional and has good rates. Some groups will do the rescuing and then charge you a rather large bill or others will agree on a predetermined payment in case of an emergency.

For confined space rescue, you can contact Code Red Safety. Contact them at

Ideal Presents: Collectable Ceramic Dogs}

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Ideal Presents: Collectable Ceramic Dogs


Charlotte Lawrence

There are many different hobbies that people enjoy. Sports, reading, socialising, chess and driving fast cars are just a few of the numerous activities people spend doing in their free time. Another hobby that people enjoy is collecting things. Items such as stamps, badges and ornaments are a small selection of the things people choose to collect.

Collecting things is a very enjoyable hobby. A lot of collectables come in sets, and some can become quite rare, especially if they are limited editions. One such set is the Little Paws collectable ceramic dogs collection. These are caricatures of various types of dog breed, all designed with humour in mind to amuse the buyer. There are various breeds available, including Golden and Black Labradors, Bassett Hounds, Yorkies, Boxers and German Shepherds. They are cast from a material called Ceramistone, which is a mixture of stone and marble that is very weighty and strong and is designed to last a long time.


However, it is not only collectors that choose to buy these collectable ceramic dogs. They make ideal presents for friends or relatives who are dog lovers, as there are enough breeds in the set to find the one appropriate for the one receiving the gift. Many people like to have dog ornaments in their homes to make them smile and proudly display their love and affection for the animals, so these are great for stocking filler type presents for Christmas. These collectable ceramic dogs can also be personalised, which is a definite plus when considering buying them as presents for people. They also come gift boxed, so this saves having to wrap the present before giving it to people and makes it look very stylish.

Additionally, buying someone a dog ornament could be a good Secret Santa gift, if this is done at work. If you dont know them very well but know they have a dog or like dogs, buying them a collectable ceramic dog could not only break the ice and provide a giggle, but start them on a new hobby as well.

Of course, you dont have to be giving a present to someone to buy one of these dog ornaments. Even if you dont want to become a collector, if you own a dog, you may want to buy just the one ornament of the same breed. As they are a good way of showing your affection for your dog, you could even have it personalised with your dogs name. In this way, your dog will be forever remembered through the dog ornament in your home.

Christmas is once again almost upon us, and some people are beginning to make their present lists and even buy their gifts. It is often cheaper to buy in advance, so it may a good idea to do the same and get your pen and paper out. Those hard to buy for relatives or friends may appreciate a collectible ceramic dog, either just for cute aspect of the gift or as a new hobby, so it may be worth having a look either online or in different shops to see what is available.

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Ideal Presents: Collectable Ceramic Dogs }