Facial Plastic Surgery In Philadelphia

Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for its historic landmarks, museums, and rich culinary culture. The vibrant city is also a prominent hub for healthcare services. Among these, facial plastic surgery has carved out significant repute. Top-tier surgeons, cutting-edge technology, and professional post-operative care have placed Philadelphia on the map in the field of facial plastic surgery.

The term ‘facial plastic surgery’ encompasses a wide array of procedures, each targeting different areas of the face to enhance or reconstruct its features. These surgical treatments include facelifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasties, and eyelid surgeries, to name but a few. Patients both from within city limits and beyond frequent Philadelphia’s world-class medical centers for these services, drawn in by the promise of surgical expertise coupled with compassionate care.

However, as with any surgical procedure, the choice of surgeon is crucial. The surgeon’s skill and experience massively influence the success rate of a facial plastic surgery. The City of Brotherly Love boasts countless qualified plastic surgeons, skilled and experienced in performing these sensitive surgeries – so many, in fact, that potential patients might find it hard to single out a particular professional.

In choosing the right surgeon for facial plastic surgery, the first factor to consider is the surgeon’s certification. Finding a board-certified surgeon ensures that the professional has undergone a rigorous vetting process that evaluates their education, training, and skills.

Secondly, consider the surgeon’s experience. The more surgeries a surgeon has conducted, the more likely they are to have encountered various situations and complications, thus preparing them for a variety of procedures.

The third consideration should be the surgeon’s area of specialization. For instance, someone looking to get a nose job should seek out a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. This ensures the selected professional is well-versed with the specificities of the procedure.

Further, it is essential to consult the surgeon face-to-face to discuss your goals and concerns. A good surgeon will listen attentively, answer questions, and develop a transparent plan tailored to your needs.

Lastly, quality of service should never be compromised due to cost considerations. The adage ‘cheap is expensive’ couldn’t be more applicable. Your health is a life-long investment. It is always wise to save up sufficiently or seek financial assistance to afford the best quality service.

Philadelphia, with its wide array of skilled facial plastic surgeons, provides a fertile selection ground for those seeking such services. Yet, it is worth noting that competent professionals exist elsewhere. For instance, the best facelift surgeon in Southlake, Texas might provide an equally exceptional experience, should Texas be more conveniently located for a potential patient.

Whether opting for a facelift in Texas or a rhinoplasty in Philadelphia, personal research and consultation are crucial in making an informed decision. Facial plastic surgery, when performed by a skilled professional, can significantly boost confidence and overall satisfaction with one’s appearance. And ultimately, isn’t that what we all seek?

So, keep evaluating, keep asking, and most importantly, keep understanding. You should never have to compromise when it comes to your body and your satisfaction. Whether in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the world, quality, compassion, and understanding should never be compromised.

Keeping Hydrated With Water Coolers

Submitted by: John K Murphy

Keeping your staff hydrated throughout their working day can mean the difference between tired, unmotivated staff and enthusiastic, creative employees with increased levels of concentration.

Dehydration can be the cause of a whole array of underlying illnesses. According to the NHS, water makes up a third of a healthy human body. Water lubricates the joints and eyes; it also helps with digestion as well as flushing out toxins. Water helps to keep the body looking healthy inside and out water is also responsible for healthy looking skin.

We lose water throughout the day, sweating is one of the main ways that we lose water from the body. It is important that we maintain our hydration levels throughout the day in order to keep ourselves healthy.


Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, headaches, a lightheaded feeling, tiredness, a dry mouth and lips and eyes. Dark concentrated urine and passing small amounts of urine frequently are also signs of low hydration levels.

Many employees are guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day, reasons for this can be not bringing enough to drink to work, not having enough time during a break to buy a drink or there being a lack of drinking facilities in the work place.

Many employers can often leave responsibility for staff hydration to the staff themselves. However, supplying your employees with fresh drinking water from a water dispenser can improve the quality of work dramatically. A fresh water drinking supply will benefit both the employer and the employees.

It is important to make sure that you strive to provide the best working environment by catering for your employees needs. A supply of fresh drinking water is a basic need; don t leave your staff with tap water as their drinking supply. Tap water is can often be filled with chemicals which mean we can t always ensure that it is safe to drink.

Water coolers do not drain your budget or take up too much space; companies now develop water coolers to suit a variety of office spaces and needs. Ask your chosen supplier for a trial of the water cooler first to see how it fits in to your office environment. See how often your employees use it and how effective it is in the work place. It not only benefits your employees but also gives a great impression to your customers. Offering a welcoming reception area with fresh drinking water facilities will make a positive impact on your visitors from the start.

Water coolers are now available on a range of packages; these vary from set price, pay monthly packages to pay as you go, bottled or mains fed point of use package solutions. Pay as you go packages are suitable for those who have specific needs and requirements.

Your office space and staff numbers will affect your package needs; make sure to be specific about your requirements so that you have enough water to supply all of your staff members.

About the Author: J Murphy – Online Marketing – Providing information and advice on the health and lifestyle benefits of drinking water. Further information on bottled water, water coolers and mains fed water coolers at


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What Are The Throwing Yips In Baseball?}

Submitted by: Dr. Patrick Cohn

What are the throwing yips in baseball or softball? The throwing yips are another variety of the yips. I have worked with many players who had problems with the golf yips and the throwing yips. The throwing yips, although rare in baseball, are super hard to shake because the players stay stuck in a yips cycle.

When you have the throwing yips, you simply cant release the ball freely or send it to your target easily. Most ball players with the pitching or throwing yips lose control of their accuracy and cant hit a target. Some players might pause or freeze during the throwing motion.

Others can start the through swing and when they do they jerk their arm forward. The throwing yips can affect pitchers, catchers, and infielders alike.

What are the throwing yips?


The Mayo Clinic has done some research on the yips and report that the issue is both psychological and neurological. Performance anxiety about the outcome leads to muscle spasms, which causes athletes to feel out of control. They also report that athletes with the yips have a neurological problem called focal dystonia.

The yips mostly affect golfers, tennis players, and baseball players. The Mayo Clinic tried Botox injections on athletes to alleviate the symptoms of the yips, but this therapy did not cure the yips altogether.

In my opinion after working with several athletes with the yips, the main problem is performance anxiety and fear of failure. Ball players who have a bad outing my also start to tinker with their mechanics and make matters worse. In many cases, they begin to worry about the outcome and how others view the problem.

One case of the throwing yips I worked with was a high school pitcher that could not throw the ball back to the pitcher with accuracy. Note that throwing the ball back to the pitcher does not affect the outcome of the game. He would stand up and throw the ball back to the pitcher and could not hit the target, often throwing a blooper.

Whats interesting is that he could throw well to second base with little to no problem when it counted! Is this a physical problem with his mechanics? Or is this a mental game problem?

My philosophy is that one bad outing can lead to the yips for some players. And when you begin to label yourself as having the throwing yips, you start to think you have an incurable disease. Some players try to be more perfect with their throw. And when you want to make the perfect throw, you try too hard and over control your motion.

First, you have to simplify your throwing motion again, not make it more complex or perfect. Second, you have to gain back the freedom of the throwjust like you are playing catch as a kid. Third, as you gain confidence, your freedom and your accuracy begin to return.

About the Author: Pick up Dr. Cohns free baseball report 8 Mental Game Strategies to Break the Yips Cycle at


and learn why the throwing yips are mental and not physical. Dr. Patrick Cohn has been a mental game coach to athletes of all levels for 25 years. Visit Peak Performance Sports at


for more articles and mental coaching programs.



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Use Botox Service To Enhance Your Features

Use Botox Service to Enhance Your Features


Antoinette Ayana

As you age, you\’ll notice that your face changes over time. You may be tired of using cosmetics and makeup to hide the wrinkles and blemishes on your face. You may also be in need of a solution that gets rid of the depressions and wrinkles. One way you can get a younger and smoother appearance is to use Botox. Botox is a protein that many cosmetic doctors use as fillers to help even out your features. This substance blocks the impulses between the nerves and muscles, resulting in a temporary paralysis of the muscle. Since the muscle is no longer able to move, the skin is not able to sag or wrinkle. There are some professional who offer Botox service to patients who are not able to come into the office for treatment.

The effects of this substance eventually wear off over the course of a few months. At this point, the substance is broken down and absorbed by your body. Once that happens, your skin and its muscles will wrinkle and sag again, unless you get some more treatments. Botox service is a good alternative for anyone who does not want to have facial surgery to improve their appearance.


When you decide to start taking advantage of Botox injections, you need to make sure that you are getting your treatments done by a professional who is licensed and certified. Pay attention to the credentials of any doctor or esthetician you are going to get your treatments from. Many professionals that offer Botox service are able to charge less for the treatments. The more often you get treatments the longer they last and the better your results are.

It is important that anyone who is getting Botox know what they should expect. It is not a permanent solution to remove any of your imperfections. It has to be administered by a qualified professional. Be realistic about your goals. Sometimes you may feel that there are areas that are in need of a filler, but in actuality, there is nothing wrong with that area. Even though your doctor will do his best to accommodate your needs, if they feel that you shouldn\’t have the injections done on a certain area of your face, be respectful of his or her advice. You don\’t want to overdo your injections because this can give you an unnatural look.

When you first get your injections, you may not see your desired results for at least two weeks after your first injection. Since the effects of Botox can last for a few months at a time, it reduces the cost of the treatments. This makes the service more affordable for anyone who wants to take advantage of this form of enhancement. Instead of throwing your money away on cosmetics that make you look clownish because you have to use a ton of product to attempt to hide the smallest imperfections; you can use your hard earned money on a Botox service that delivers immediate results. Ask your doctor if Botox is right for you.

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