How To Choose The Best Dog Lovers Gift

Submitted by: Donna Boras

A dog lovers gift for that someone on your gift list that has everything. Dog owners are some of the easiest people to shop for. Buy a gift for their best friend.

Dog gift baskets and personalized dog gifts are ideal. For any special occasion, there is really no shortage of ideas for the pet owner.

Breed specific gifts like t-shirts, sweat shirts, jerseys, coffee mugs, pictures, key chains and mouse pads are favorites with dog owners. This is a category that is very large and although they are not particularly unique or unusual dog gifts, they are very popular.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are not only thoughtful but they are very popular. You can do a theme like dog health care and put together a basket or bag with tasty organic treats, vitamin supplements, or natural grooming supplies. There of course are many other items to make up a basket, just use your imagination. Pre-packaged baskets are also available.


Personalized Gifts for Dogs

Customize a dog bed with the pet dog’s name, a classy ID tag, stationary, keepsake boxes, ceramic dog bowls and calendars. A nice gesture would be to have a portrait of their best buddy framed.

Household pet gifts are always great and practical too. Look at the many household items – aprons, door mats, posters, towels, fridge magnets, clocks, stationary and calendars.

For a Touch of class – jeweled dog collars, jewelry, chic doggy apparel, designer dog beds or designer carriers would be a most welcome dog lovers gift.

Dog health care is important to the pet lover. A present of dog supplements put together in a nice bag or basket would be a nice gesture. A warm sweater or jacket or little doggy shoes would be nice. Any organic products would surly be welcome. Organic dog beds and apparel, organic dog food and treats are all items dog owners are now looking for.

Nicely packaged grooming aids for their best friend is another idea and such a vast assortment to select from. Pampering gifts like bathing systems and spas are luxury items that any dog owner would love.

Dog Toys – plush toys, interactive dog toys and chew toys. Be sure that they are safe for chewing and nothing that a dog could possibly choke on.

Other Options…

cds, agility gifts, collars, dog leashes, training aids, books on dog care, training or canine stories, tickets for a dog show

Don’t forget about gift certificates.

Gift giving can be a chore or it can be fun. I know it can be a tad overwhelming to trudge through a mall or up and down store aisles, trying to find the perfect gift. Online shopping removes the frustration and it can be done in a snap. Have some ideas in mind first and then go search the virtual shelves.

I hope that this has been helpful. Good luck!

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Dog Training In Biloxi: Top Tips For Training Your Puppy

byAlma Abell

There are very few dog owners that would not love for their pooch to be well trained as well a well fed. That is why it is so important to start Dog Training in Biloxi when your pooch is just a pup. For you, this means fewer accidents to clean up and fewer shoes to replace as well. For your puppy, it means getting in trouble less often and learning to go to the door when they need to go outside.

No one ever said that Dog Training in Biloxi is going to be easy, but if you follow, the tips below you will have more success when it comes to training the animal that you have already come to love.

Always be Patient

You need to remember that while this is a dog, he is still just a baby. Puppies are like children and have to be brought up in the way that they should go. There are going to be accidents when you first start your training, because he is a baby and truly doesn’t know any better.

Always be Consistent

You have to be consistent with a puppy in order for them to learn. You need to make sure that you always use the same commands and never confuse your young one. For example, you don’t want to tell your puppy to stay off the couch one day and it be okay the next. You have to teach your puppy with patience and wisdom if you hope to accomplish what you set out to do.

Always be Confident

You have to let your puppy know who is in charge from the very beginning. There should be no question in your voice, when you tell your puppy to do something. If you tell your puppy to stay, then you need to put enough authority in your voice that he knows you are serious and he needs to stay put.

These are just a few tips for helping you to train your new puppy. From being confident to having patience, you will be glad that you started training young in the end. You can also visit the Animal Medical Center Of Hattiesburg for more information.

Training Pitbull Puppies The Secret To Pitbull Puppy Training

Training Pitbull Puppies- The Secret To Pitbull Puppy Training by MS HutchinsTraining Pitbull puppies to be great family pets takes more “know how” than most people would expect. Whlie Pits are a loving and loyal breed, they still can get out of control if not properly trained. Laura and I should know, we spent several months trying to get our Pitbull, “Rocco”, to cooperate. We had no success until we received expert advice from a professional Pitbull handler.The key to training Pitbull puppies is to start the training when they are very young. Even at a very young age, Pitbulls are very responsive to vocal tone and one word commands. In fact, Laura and I learned that you can begin training as early as 8 weeks!Needless to say, at such a young age, Pitbulls have EXTREMELY short attention spans! Nevertheless, firm commands such as “NO” and “Down” can be applied from the day you bring your Pitbull home. The key is to be consistant and firm. Don’t make the mistake of being firm in some instances, and not firm in other instances when the behavior is the same.BIG mistake!We learned that Pitbulls learn best in an environment where the “alpha leader” of the household conducts one on one training in a controlled environment on a regular schedule. Of course, the dog must be old enough to pay strict attention for approx. 10 minutes each session. Generally, this form of training Pitbull puppies can begin at about 5 months.For training to be effective, a Pitbull must get plenty of exercise. If they are restless and have too much pent up energy, their attention spans suffer. And for Heaven’s sake, if you want your Pitbull puppy training to go smoothly, don’t isolate your dog. Allow your puppy to socialize REGULARLY!Quite frankly, laura and I were on the verge of putting “Rocco” up for adoption. We made the mistake of trying to train him when we didn’t know what we were doing. And, to make matters worse, we waited until he was almost an adult to begin. We took to heart some tips that we received from a professional Pitbull handler who was an expert in training Pitbull puppies, and the change in Rocco for the better was almost supernatural! He is now a joy to have around, and a wonderful family companion!Article Source:


Is A Puppy Right For You?

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byAlma Abell

There is no comparison for the amount of love and joy a puppy can bring to your life. To them, you are their whole world. They are there for you when you whether you are sick, sad, happy, or healthy. The unwavering and unconditional love that a dog can bring to your life is amazing. However, they take a lot of work, and are a long-term commitment. It is important that you truly make sure that bringing a dog into your family is what is best for both your family and your potential puppy.



A puppy is going to need proper training, if you have hopes of having a well behaved dog in the future. Puppies need to be taught everything, from how to handle children to where to go pee. This can be a frustrating time, and is not going to happen overnight. Your puppy is going to chew things it shouldn’t, run away from you if he gets the chance, and probably pee on the floor several times. This is not the puppy’s fault, they are just learning how to behave. Can your patience level handle this? The honest answer is going to tell you if a dog is for you.


Dogs have a number of costs that come with proper care. Food is a big cost, but it is certainly not the only one. Vets in Chicago cost money, and there are many things that a dog needs from a vet. Regular veterinary care is important, and there are also health emergencies that your dog may face. Being financially prepared for these things is important. Finally, your breed of dog may need special grooming, while this can be done at home, many people choose to use a professional for this.


Your dog will need lots of your time. Daily walks, plenty of love and affection, and regular companionship. They give love, but they need it returned too. Make sure you are willing to put in the time that your dog deserves, and be willing to do that for the next 10 to 15 years.

If you are looking at vets in Chicago check out Metropolitan Veterinary Center. You can find more information on their website

Twins Prams Double Prams, Twins Baby Prams, Baby Stroller}

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Twins Prams Double Prams, Twins Baby Prams, Baby Stroller


Mr. AnnaTwins Prams and Double Prams

With two children, your joys also become double but it is difficult to manage two kids of same age or of almost similar age when you go out. Instead of having two different

baby prams

for both the children, it becomes easier to manage a single pram in which you can accommodate two children with comfort and safety. Luckily there are a variety of a

Twins prams


double pushchairs

available in the market. It is just a matter of choosing the best

Twins pram

suiting to your needs and your Twins needs. Going for shopping, family outings or to a zoo becomes much easier with the help of a

Twins pram

. You can keep your eye on both your kids together and manage single handedly using a

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. Not only Twins but if you have a toddler and planning to have a second child, then a


Twins pram

can also be useful to you.

Twins Pushchairs

In the

double pushchairs

the seats are positioned side by side and so it becomes broader in width. Being broader in width, it is more balanced and there are fewer chances of accidents. The seats being side by side, the children enjoy each others company. Both the seats in a

Twins pram

can be adjusted in a pram mode or a stroller mode. So, this kind of

double pram

is suitable for Twins as well as two kids having very less age difference. The seats can be adjusted according to the comfort and requirement of the babies. In

double prams

, you have an adjustable handle which can help you in rotating babys seat either facing you or facing away from you. The

Twins prams

have various features like safety barriers, adjustable removable hoods; adjustable footrest etc. which ensures that your babies are safe and comfortable. You can also have attachable baby cots and car seats which will make your Twins pram a complete travel system for your Twins. If you frequently have to drive with your babies, then a

Twins pram with car seats

would be perfect for you as you can move your babies from pram to the car without switching the seats. In this case you can buy a

travel system for Twins

which can make your family outings enjoyable.

Buying a Baby Pram for Twins


double travel systems

are stylish and comfortable and help you take your babies out together with very less amount of effort. If you want a quiet, safe and peaceful experience with your babies outside, then you need to

buy a Twins pram

suiting to your requirements. You can unfold them whenever you need and fold them and keep it in your car or cupboard when not in use. If you are a car user, then while buying a

Twins pram

, you have to keep in mind that it is not so wide that it doesnt fit into your car. A variety of

Twins prams

in different colours and designs are available at online store of Twins prams.

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for further details.

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