How The War Of Words Is Won

Word combat is everywhere – especially in politics and business. Put the right words and phrases together and you control the story, or even win the election or turn your newest product into the next sensation. There is much at stake where wordplay is concerned.

Politically, republicans are better at this than democrats. (For the record, I’m a lifelong registered independent.) Democrats tend to be policy wonks offering professorial explanations of their policy positions. Republicans are more issue- and talking-point driven, more focused on word choice. Republicans also have a knack for boiling their positions down to simple principles.

A good example if the estate tax. The republicans hate it because it falls in a big way on the rich, a key component of their voter base. So they reframed the discussion by rebranding the levy the “death tax” – the implication being that the feds even tax you for dying. An appalling, if misleading, notion to everyday people. The strategy is working. The “death tax” was temporarily killed in 2009 and is currently not in effect, though it is scheduled to make a Lazarus-like comeback in 2011. The battle will rage on.

When democrats protested big tax cuts for the rich while the middle class got modest reductions, GOP members accused their rivals of promoting “class warfare,” pitting Americans against one another. They made democrats look like troublemakers.

When assistance is extended to the poor republicans tag it “wealth redistribution,” an allusion to socialism, which some claim is the democrats’ secret agenda. Republicans have also got lots of mileage using the phrase “government takeover,” particularly since President Obama was elected and went to work on health-care reform and new regulations for the financial industry.

Not that the democrats don’t score their own points with word combat. Bob Dole’s ill-fated run for president against Bill Clinton was sunk in part by the Clinton campaign’s repetitive claims that the Dole platform included a “tax scheme” that would “blow a hole in the budget.” People don’t like schemes. It’s a pejorative word that reminds them of Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent acts of financial betrayal. No one wants to be associated with that.

While running for president, Barack Obama made allusions to John McCain’s age and potential for declining mental agility by constantly referring to McCain as “erratic,” particularly after he had flip-flopped on a couple of his positions.

Democrats also scored big when they told voters that the “limousines are circling the White House” in an attempt by the rich to get the executive branch to veto legislation that would have made incursions into their bank accounts. That was a particularly visual reference, which always adds extra power.

All of those are examples of using the language in ways that increase the blow being delivered, to convey negativity. But even more often language is obfuscated or reframed to soften the impact of an organization’s actions.

The military speaks of “collateral damage” rather than saying they accidentally “killed innocent people.” It’s simply too ugly, and too likely to turn the American populace against military action.

During the 1980s business quit using the word “fired” in favor of the more neutral “downsizing.” Then they took it a step further by calling it “rightsizing,” as if firing people was actually the right thing to do under the circumstances.

The list goes on and on. No doubt you have a few of your favorites.

The lesson is to choose your words carefully. They have power. They can spell victory or defeat.

China’s National Strength Ascended Period Sino Us Relations

By Jerri Lily

From the two governments and the mainstream political elite point of view, both sides are willing to seek a cooperative Sino-US relations

From the perspective of China’s diplomacy in 2010 will be a very special year.

On the one hand, China’s national strength has reached a new level of increase, second quarter of 2010 China’s economy ranks second in the world; the other hand, the situation of China’s diplomacy is facing ever more complex, not well at the beginning of Sino-US relations into the China since the summer in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and South China Sea disputes with neighboring countries also suffered.

The complexity of China’s diplomacy and the complexity of Sino-US relations are synchronized to arise. Of course, the two governments also trying to control the situation, a stable relationship. Premier Wen Jiabao on September 22 in New York entitled “jointly create the bright future of Sino-US relations in the new period,” the speech, pointed out that in 10 years, after the international situation, China-US relations without a major ups and downs, the overall stable development momentum.

The recent Sino-US relations, in the past on the basis of some new features.


New Features of the United States is that it will be at the beginning of all the cards are played within a short time out. Taiwan, the United States is always time to time to the past, trade, human rights, security and so on a rise in revolt, while very few shots on several issues. Now the beginning, the United States in human rights, trade, climate issues and areas such as nuclear proliferation, a comprehensive attack.

China deal with the United States also has new features, criticisms that there is in the oral action. In the trade sanctions, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the U.S. Commerce Department announced sanctions on Chinese products roughly the same amount the next day to make the anti-sanctions, and so on. These changes allow some U.S. public opinion and strategic experts believe that China “has become arrogant, aggressive.”

GDP in China overtake Japan, the world economy still faces the risk of second bottom when the two economic giants China-US relations is bound to affect the world economy. Also why, what volatility of Sino-US relations, the degree of concern will be out of the past.

First, the international situation has undergone changes in the objective. As the financial crisis, pressure loss, reduced demand for immediate cooperation, the original focus on some of the problems appear savings.

The second is subjective psychological factors between the two countries in 2009 to enhance bilateral relations between the two sides a good start in the psychological expectations, but reality does not meet this expectation, it had some degree of dissatisfaction and disappointment.

The third factor is the internal affairs of the United States. Although the recent National Security Strategy of view, I attach importance to Sino-US strategic relations between Obama, hoping that China will become the responsibility of the partners, global responsibilities, but his support rate fall in the United States, criticized in the control of the sound Sino-US relations, reduced ability to coordinate internally.

Fourth, the United States appeared less favorable to China’s collective psychology, the most important manifestations of their confidence in the American society, insecurity increased. Just at that moment, the Chinese due to the relatively small impact of financial crisis, the crisis properly, there is from the “one superpower and many” come to the fore the many powerful trend, Americans are particularly sensitive.

Fifth is the confidence in the growth, the national growth in the face of financial crises, natural disasters, outstanding performance, a successful Olympics and World Expo, the Chinese government and civil society confidence, the United States in dealing with Sino-US relations on a number of traditional practices is difficult to continue.

Sixth, with the reform and opening up, China’s social pluralism of interests emerged, views a wide range of phenomena, the Chinese Foreign faced with the need to consider more of the internal factors, which reduced the flexibility of the Chinese to adopt policies to strengthen the U.S. attitude.

Finally, with the overall national strength increased, and in 2000 the Chinese government’s “going out” strategy implemented, the interests of China’s overseas expansion of influence in Asia rising, causing unrest and the U.S. rebound.

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Estate Planning Ma Advice Can Prove Invaluable


It doesn’t matter whether you have a modest home, average income and tiny estate or you’re a multimillionaire planning on passing along a fortunate to your beneficiaries after you pass, legal advice matters. Protecting what you’ve worked so hard your entire life to accumulate is important no matter how much that amount happens to be. An estate planning MA lawyer can help ensure your final wishes are respected by loved ones and the tax collector.


What’s Involved?

A reputable estate planning MA lawyer is going to take some time reviewing your unique circumstances before offering guidance about will establishment or trusts. Some of the items he or she might inquire about include:

  • Assets – This topic might include discussions about cash, bonds, stocks, insurance policies, real property, other tangible property items, jewelry and so on. A lawyer will need to know where these items should be distributed upon death and if there are any special instructions to contend with. Depending on the assets and the need to protect them and/or loved ones, a lawyer might recommend nothing more than distribution instructions in a will. It is possible, however, tax benefits could be gained from establishing a trust.
  • Beneficiaries – It’s also very important for an estate planning MA lawyer to understand the beneficiaries involved in an estate. If there are minor children, for example, instructions for their care can prove especially important for making sure a will properly reflects final wishes and that children are well cared for. If a trust is recommended, a lawyer may also need to know if any particular beneficiaries should have their money from an estate held in trust.
  • Final arrangements – Any final wishes as far as burial instructions and so on are also included in many wills. A lawyer may wish to gain this information to make sure documents cover all the bases.
  • Charitable giving – If part of an estate will go to making charity donations, an estate planning MA expert will delve into this while working on documents. Making sure a donation is protected from undo tax burdens is important.

It’s not necessary to have a big, sprawling estate to require guidance from an attorney. An estate planning MA lawyer can ensure that final wishes are respected.

Hiring an estate planning in MA lawyer is a big step.

Solutions To Common Mistakes In E Commerce Website Development

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A common misconception for Atlanta business owners developing their own eCommerce sites is that using a template from an eCommerce platform is all that is needed to launch a terrific website.

While these templates do offer support in creating a website, they can also be modified and added to, often resulting in a complicated, difficult to navigate site for end-users. To avoid this issue, working with a company specializing in eCommerce website development offers a practical solution to these common problems.


Too Much Going On

A common mistake with do-it-yourself eCommerce websites is information and graphic overload on home pages, landing pages, and sales pages. This can even include simple issues such as too many different colors, graphics, and fonts used on a page.

The solution to this issue is to consider the use of white space on the page and to keep information in concise, informative blocks. A top eCommerce website development team looks at both the functionality as well as the overall design of the site to provide the correct balance.

Security and Trust

A professional company in Atlanta offering eCommerce website development puts security for the end-user as a central component of the site. This means ensuring the SSL certificate is valid and recognized across all platforms and browsers, and also providing the necessary information to help the end-user to feel confident in putting their personal and financial information on the site to place an order.

Ensuring the shopping cart functions and there are no error messages or inconsistencies in the checkout process are always a critical part of eCommerce website development. When consumers have difficulties or see atypical types of pages at checkout, they are very unlikely to continue with the purchase, resulting in abandoned shopping carts, low conversion rates, and limited sales. On the other hand, a seamless, secure and positive experience at checkout builds customer confidence and keeps them coming back.

Quick Guide For Mortgage And Remortgage An Introduction}

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Quick Guide for mortgage and remortgage an introduction


D V Siddartha S

Buying a dream home is one of the major milestones of any individuals life. The price of genuine estate is increasing day by day. The designer and flashy homes, which captivation us the most, are beyond the budgetary capabilities of a heap of nation. However, this truth should not stop us from fulfilling such a reverie. With widely available low gain mortgages, now even a common man can posses the residence of his possibility.

Starting with the basics, mortgage is a genre of loan that any fellow can take, in order to buy a home or a property. The property being bought is used as collateral to the loan, this often means that if the repayments scheme of the mortgage is not complied with completely, the lender can take the possession of your property, and peddle it to recover his amount.

Any mortgage protocol whether it is the elite one, or a remortgaging effort, requires a stockpile of hard work. The elite advice given by any lender is simply disguised to lawsuit his advantage the most. So, the finest object that any borrower should do is to take a closer look at any lenders advice and compare it with fresh offers floating in the market.

Choosing the mortgage that is improve for you and taking the boon treaty, involves bewitching a mound of decisions. The two main things that force the greatest emphasis are the profit rates charged for the mortgage and the discount method of the mortgage.

The degree of welfare to be paid for mortgages are adamant by the base rates prevailing in the loan bazaar. A borrower should go for a low advantage mortgage, since the lower the good scale; the lower bequeath be the monthly deduction. At any given point of juncture the borrower might achieve hundreds of overture for mortgage. Each lender has different conditions and charges. The borrower is advised not to succumb to any overture with tawdry initial sake rates; instead he or she should look at all the features of mortgage before accepting any treaty.

As for the decrease method the borrower has two options a deduction mortgage or an gain only mortgage.

the borrower has to recompense off the amount in equally spaced installments. The installments gradually recover the prime amount paired with the sake from the borrower. Thus, the mortgage is fairly paid by the closing of agreed term.

In an welfare only mortgage only the advantage is charged in the installments. The main amount is not included in the monthly repayments. The layout to repay the main amount is made by more means, usually at the final of the mortgage interval or as agreed between the two parties. The mortgage amount is guaranteed by some investment in shares, or bovines. The borrower has to make sure that his investment grows, so as to wages the mortgage by the final of agreed phrase.

Most lenders commit suggestion mortgage up to 95 % of the property ‘ s value beneath consideration, but the borrower might own to stipend a higher lending charge if he borrows supplementary than 75 % of his property value. There are further costs further, which are essentially involved with a mortgage. The lender might ask you to deposit an amount upto 3 – 10 % of the asking price of the property. Valuation fees, solicitors fees and higher lending charges moreover escalate the price of mortgage.

After deciding on a mortgage, the borrower has to apply formally to the lender. He should take care to fill in all the details carefully. If he feels confused at any stage he should take the offices of a cash advisor, instead of creation wrong assumptions. If everything goes smoothly the borrower bequeath soon receive a mortgage overture.

Remortgaging means that we are enchanting a new mortgage to repay an voguish one.

As situation passes, the appreciation in property rates raises the home equity available at the disposal of the homeowner. Remortgaging utilizes this increase in property valuation to procure a change protocol on debt, or some extra money. Remortgaging does not involve selling or changing homes, but the debt may be transferred from one lender to another.

There are instances, when we compel assets for some new construction, such as an extra bathroom, new kitchen, other bedroom etc. Many times we find that some of our current borrowings, charge higher rates of benefit than those charged by our mortgage lender. In such cases, we can use the other home equity available with us to provide assets and facility the refund burden by remortgaging.

Humans can now apply online for a remortgage fix from the comfort of their home or office. This has significantly reduced the occasion and effort for taking a property remortgaged.

Considering the reduced welfare rates and easier rebate options, the homeowners often see remortgaging as good author for generating central. Changing high advantage debts into low profit remortgage with manageable decrease terms is often, fully lucrative for the debtors. By changing their debt sort they can significantly reduce the decrease burden.

There are many lenders in the UK marketplace, which provide competitive remortgage offers. Since, remortgages are used to move debts; it should be seriously considered that the payment of moving debts should not offset the resources in any such process.

The retrieval fees, is the biggest charge to be incurred while bewitching a remortgage. A compensation charge is what a partner has to recompense when he ends an current mortgage contract and applies for a remortgage. There are early redemption penalties, which escalate the overall costs of remortgage. These penalties are the largest when the debt is still new. Generally, remortgaging is not advised when such penalties are extremely high, but if you keep a particularly good overture, which offsets the loss due to the early redemption penalty, you should consider it.

In addendum to the redemption price, there are many further costs involved with remortgaging. Some of which are discussed beneath:

The new lender who cede provide the debt entrust like to reassess the value of your property to make sure that it is not a risky protocol for him. So, he might charge some valuation fees for this process.

The full remortgaging process has a lawful facet attached to it. This might involve lawful consultation fees. In adjunct to these, the lender might include the conveyance and fresh office charges.

The debtor should consider these fees while remortgaging. Options are available, where the lender might deduction all or a ration of the valuation, rightful and office charges to the debtors, if the decrease programme is singular. Be sure to ask your lender about such an option.

Remortgaging does provide resources with low benefit and doable decrease options, but there are many drawbacks associated with it.

The debt rebate process again starts from the scratch. Short expression savings might surpass to a long duration financial liability. The interests although relatively lower now must be paid over a longer period of time, and again the fact to be kept in mind is that any serious default in payments might lead to repossession.

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Quick Guide for mortgage and remortgage an introduction}