China’s National Strength Ascended Period Sino Us Relations

By Jerri Lily

From the two governments and the mainstream political elite point of view, both sides are willing to seek a cooperative Sino-US relations

From the perspective of China’s diplomacy in 2010 will be a very special year.

On the one hand, China’s national strength has reached a new level of increase, second quarter of 2010 China’s economy ranks second in the world; the other hand, the situation of China’s diplomacy is facing ever more complex, not well at the beginning of Sino-US relations into the China since the summer in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and South China Sea disputes with neighboring countries also suffered.

The complexity of China’s diplomacy and the complexity of Sino-US relations are synchronized to arise. Of course, the two governments also trying to control the situation, a stable relationship. Premier Wen Jiabao on September 22 in New York entitled “jointly create the bright future of Sino-US relations in the new period,” the speech, pointed out that in 10 years, after the international situation, China-US relations without a major ups and downs, the overall stable development momentum.

The recent Sino-US relations, in the past on the basis of some new features.


New Features of the United States is that it will be at the beginning of all the cards are played within a short time out. Taiwan, the United States is always time to time to the past, trade, human rights, security and so on a rise in revolt, while very few shots on several issues. Now the beginning, the United States in human rights, trade, climate issues and areas such as nuclear proliferation, a comprehensive attack.

China deal with the United States also has new features, criticisms that there is in the oral action. In the trade sanctions, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the U.S. Commerce Department announced sanctions on Chinese products roughly the same amount the next day to make the anti-sanctions, and so on. These changes allow some U.S. public opinion and strategic experts believe that China “has become arrogant, aggressive.”

GDP in China overtake Japan, the world economy still faces the risk of second bottom when the two economic giants China-US relations is bound to affect the world economy. Also why, what volatility of Sino-US relations, the degree of concern will be out of the past.

First, the international situation has undergone changes in the objective. As the financial crisis, pressure loss, reduced demand for immediate cooperation, the original focus on some of the problems appear savings.

The second is subjective psychological factors between the two countries in 2009 to enhance bilateral relations between the two sides a good start in the psychological expectations, but reality does not meet this expectation, it had some degree of dissatisfaction and disappointment.

The third factor is the internal affairs of the United States. Although the recent National Security Strategy of view, I attach importance to Sino-US strategic relations between Obama, hoping that China will become the responsibility of the partners, global responsibilities, but his support rate fall in the United States, criticized in the control of the sound Sino-US relations, reduced ability to coordinate internally.

Fourth, the United States appeared less favorable to China’s collective psychology, the most important manifestations of their confidence in the American society, insecurity increased. Just at that moment, the Chinese due to the relatively small impact of financial crisis, the crisis properly, there is from the “one superpower and many” come to the fore the many powerful trend, Americans are particularly sensitive.

Fifth is the confidence in the growth, the national growth in the face of financial crises, natural disasters, outstanding performance, a successful Olympics and World Expo, the Chinese government and civil society confidence, the United States in dealing with Sino-US relations on a number of traditional practices is difficult to continue.

Sixth, with the reform and opening up, China’s social pluralism of interests emerged, views a wide range of phenomena, the Chinese Foreign faced with the need to consider more of the internal factors, which reduced the flexibility of the Chinese to adopt policies to strengthen the U.S. attitude.

Finally, with the overall national strength increased, and in 2000 the Chinese government’s “going out” strategy implemented, the interests of China’s overseas expansion of influence in Asia rising, causing unrest and the U.S. rebound.

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