The Chemical Plants Should Have Suitable Storage Facilities To Avoid Accidents

The Chemical plants should have suitable storage facilities to avoid accidents


Samuel J Lucas

In the industrial area there would be different types of production plants and factories. There would be innumerable persons working through out the day without any interval. The chemical industry is the unique type of industry wherein many liquid acids and chemicals are used to make many types of items in the market. The paint manufacturing plants would have to store millions of litters of various acids and chemicals in their storage containers. These containers would be in the suitable temperature condition to convert the mixture into suitable chemical composition to be used in the process of making different color paints.

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The automobile manufacturing companies would order for paints with the paint suppliers for their painting requirements. Similarly all the products manufacturers’ would also give orders for paints from the paint suppliers. Hence the paint producing company should have suitable storage facilities to store the paint in stock. The storage facilities in the store yard in which the chemical is stored are to be organized and maintained in appropriate way. The maintenance engineers should check all the instruments that are controlling the cooling towards and boilers in the chemical plant. The employees would be working on the assurance that they are working in the safe environment. They trust the capacity for the maintenance engineers and service engineers appointed to make sure of the storage facilities in the chemical plant. Many dangerous chemicals are used in the chemical mixture and if the water drops is mixed in the storage container then the chemical mixture would start to convert as boiling liquid and discharges the poisonous smoke through the smoking pipes. Hence the pipelines under the ground level which are provided to keep the chemical storage containers in perfect temperature level would not have any leakage in their pipes. The pipes should be re-laid if any leakage found by the maintenance staff to prevent major accidents in the chemical plant. The siren should be given and the employees to be alerted to evacuate from the area immediately. The preventive measures and controlling measured to be taken at once to stop smoke discharge and further damage in the factory due to toxic smoke discharge from the plant. The alternative methods are to be taken immediately to stop the further discharge of the smoke from the storage containers. The fire extinguishers have to be fitted in the complete area to be used in the emergency occasions to stop the fire damages. All the methods are to be implemented immediately to store the chemicals safely in the containers in the chemical factory to give safety for all the outside people who are working in other surrounding companies.

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Flooding in Nakhon Sri Thammarat

Friday, December 16, 2005

Moderate flooding has hit the province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat in southern Thailand. Moderate to heavy rain persists in the area, further exacerbating the flooding conditions. The northeast monsoon has intensified the flow of rainfall-laden air from the Gulf of Thailand. Torrential rains have been plaguing the nine southernmost provinces of the country for nearly two weeks and further downpours are forecast for later this week.

Thung Song District in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province is experiencing waist-high floodwaters in downtown shopping areas. Transportation has ground to a halt in affected areas. In Songkhla Province, the government has called for steps to be taken to prevent further flooding of the commerial district of Hat Yai. Rail tracks have been lifted in some areas to permit flood waters to leave the city, and the Thai Navy has been ordered to take part in relief efforts.

In Muang District of Nakhon Sri Thammarat, many roads have been closed and sandbags are being deployed to help affected businesses. Schools throughout the province have been closed because of flooding conditions. Other provinces, including Phattalung, Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Trang, Sukhothai and Satun have experienced similar problems with high tides and heavy rain paralysing much of the region.

The Meteorological Department of the Thailand Ministry of Information and Communication Technology issued a weather advisory concerning the flooding, “People in the lower South and navigators in the Gulf of Thailand should exercise caution and small boats should stay from December 15 until December 18.” It is reported that this has left some tourists stranded on smaller resort islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

Across the border in Malaysia, three are reported to have died and over 10,000 been evacuated as a result of the flooding.

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‘Mobile phone dermatitis’ linked to nickel deposits

Friday, October 17, 2008

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) has released a report saying that an illness they named ‘mobile phone dermatitis’, in which individuals owning a cell phone have developed a rash on the side of their face, is likely linked to nickel deposits in the metal of some cellular phones. Nickel has been known to cause rashes on those who have a sensitivity to, or are allergic to the metal. Nickel is also mixed with other metals to make jewelry.

The Association says that the condition is likely to affect people who spend too much time talking on the phone. They found that those who spend too much time text messaging or talking for long periods on the phone, were most likely to develop a rash, sometimes severe, on their face and ears, or the tips of their fingers.

Tests in January, performed on 22 cellular phones by scientists at Brown University in Rhode Island located in the United States, had found that just under half, a total of 10, contained nickel while the rest had rubber buttons and a plastic case. Initially the rashes were unexplained, and researchers could not find a reason why so many individuals began to experience the symptoms. In most cases the rashes were untreatable.

“Cell phones intended for rugged use … often have rubber coating and no surface nickel. Those with more fashionable designs often have metallic accents and are more likely to contain free nickel in their casings,” said Lionel Bercovitch MD., one of the researchers, in a report in the journal for the Canadian Medical Association on January 1, 2008.

Researchers also state that although some people may not be allergic to nickel, “prolonged” and continuous exposure to it can cause severe reactions.

“Prolonged or repetitive contact with a nickel-containing phone is more likely to cause a skin reaction in those who are allergic,” said BAD dermatologist Dr. Graham Lowe in a press release. In the United Kingdom alone, BAD says nearly 30% of the population suffers from rashes brought on by prolonged exposure to the metal.

The researchers also recommend individuals to buy swab test kits to test for traces of nickel.

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How To Make Your Own Pair Of Dungarees}

Submitted by: Robin Kittler

There is an early ’90s revival on the horizon and it’s beginning to emerge this Spring the dungaree. Why not be at the frontline of fashion and make your own pair of dungarees? It couldnt be easier!

Things you will need:


Sewing machine



Fabric pencil

YouTube Preview Image

Measuring tape

Old trousers

2 buttons

Instructions: Step 1

Fold your existing pair of old trousers in half, so that you have what looks like one leg. Then lay the trousers over a double layer of your dungaree fabric. Trace around the outside of the trousers, and then add a half-inch to all sides, which allows for the seams. Then cut along the outside lines.

Step 2

Take one of your new trouser leg pieces and lay it over a double layer of fabric, then use it to cut two more trouser leg pieces.

Step 3

Measure across the front of your chest and down to your waistband from that point. Use these measurements to draw a square on a single layer of your fabric. Add half inch seam allowance to all sides, and cut the square from the fabric. This will be the front of your dungarees.

Step 4

Measure the distance from your chest to the back of your waistband, going over your shoulder. Draw a rectangle on a double layer of your fabric that is this length plus 1 inch, and 3 inches wide. Cut 2 of these rectangles. These will be your shoulder straps.

Step 5

Lay two of the trouser leg pieces together, right sides together, and then pin the straight outer edges together. Stitch these together inch away from the edges and press the seam allowances open. Do the same for the other two trouser leg pieces.

Step 6

Lay the two trouser legs together, matching up the curved centre back and centre front seams. Stitch these seams together half-inch away from the edges and press the seam allowances open.

Step 7

Line up the inseam edges of the trouser legs and stitch them together, going over the seams at the centre back and front. Turn under the hem of each leg a half-inch and stitch them in place.

Step 8

Take the square piece of fabric and fold the top and side edges under a half-inch. Stitch the edges in place, and then add buttonholes to the top corners. Line up the bottom edge of the square with the front of the waistband edge of the trousers, right sides together. Stitch the square to the waist, a half-inch away from the edges. Fold the rest of the waist edge down a half-inch and stitch it in place.

Step 9

Take the shoulder straps and fold under one short and both long edges a half-inch, stitching the edges in place. Stitch the remaining raw edges to the back of the waistband, going over the waistband stitching. Add one button to the finished edge of each shoulder strap.

Now you will have your own home-made dungarees ready to wear!

About the Author: Robin Kittler is a fashion author with expertise in the

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Police report drug haul seizure worth up to £30 million in Brownhills, England

Monday, December 2, 2013

Police in the West Midlands in England today said nearly 200 kilograms worth of drugs with value possibly as great as £30 million (about US$49 million or €36 million) has been seized from a unit in the town of Brownhills. In what an officer described as “one of the largest [seizures] in the force’s 39 year history”, West Midlands Police reported recovering six big cellophane-wrapped cardboard boxes containing cannabis, cocaine, and MDMA (“ecstasy”) in a police raid operation on the Maybrook Industrial Estate in the town on Wednesday.

The impact this seizure will have on drug dealing in the region and the UK as a whole cannot be underestimated

The seized boxes, which had been loaded onto five freight pallets, contained 120 one-kilogram bags of cannabis, 50 one-kilogram bags of MDMA, and five one-kilogram bricks of cocaine. In a press release, West Midlands Police described what happened after officers found the drugs as they were being unloaded in the operation. “When officers opened the boxes they discovered a deep layer of protective foam chips beneath which the drugs were carefully layered”, the force said. “All the drugs were wrapped in thick plastic bags taped closed with the cannabis vacuum packed to prevent its distinctive pungent aroma from drawing unwanted attention.” Police moved the drugs via forklift truck to a flatbed lorry to remove them.

Detective Sergeant Carl Russell of West Midlands Police’s Force CID said the seizure was the largest he had ever made in the 24 years he has been in West Midlands Police and one of the biggest seizures the force has made since its formation in 1974. “The impact this seizure will have on drug dealing in the region and the UK as a whole cannot be underestimated”, he said. “The drugs had almost certainly been packed to order ready for shipping within Britain but possibly even further afield. Our operation will have a national effect and we are working closely with a range of law enforcement agencies to identify those involved in this crime at whatever level.”

Expert testing on the drugs is ongoing. Estimates described as “conservative” suggest the value of the drugs amounts to £10 million (about US$16.4 million or €12 million), although they could be worth as much as £30 million, subject to purity tests, police said.

Police arrested three men at the unit on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug. The men, a 50-year-old from Brownhills, a 51-year-old from the Norton area of Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, and one aged 53 from Brownhills, have been released on bail as police investigations to “hunt those responsible” continue. West Midlands Police told Wikinews no person has yet been charged in connection with the seizure. Supplying a controlled drug is an imprisonable offence in England, although length of jail sentences vary according to the class and quantity of drugs and the significance of offenders’ roles in committing the crime.

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Fargo, North Dakota, prepares for record flooding

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fargo, North Dakota is preparing itself for what could be its worst flood ever. Hundreds of high school and college students worked with two hundred National Guard soldiers Monday on the task of filling over a million sandbags in the effort to stave off the rising Red River. Classes at North Dakota State University were canceled in order to lend the assistance of its students and faculty.

The threat of further rainfall has increased the flood risk, with the river now predicted to crest as high as 52 feet (15.8 meters), over twice that of its lowest flood stage. An emergency levee south of town is also being hastily constructed. Three machines capable of filling 15,000 sandbags an hour are being used around the clock to keep up with demand.

Temporary dikes from Louisiana are being flown in. The dikes, 4 foot high interlocking containers filled with sand, were used during Hurricane Katrina. In Emmons County, several dozen homes were evacuated on Sunday, and families in the town of Beulah, North Dakota have also been forced to leave ahead of the rising waters.

The current scenario is a reminder of the record 1997 flood which inundated the Red River Valley. Fargo constructed a levee system following the disaster to help prevent future flooding. Up to 6000 homes are currently at risk, with many communities farther downriver also preparing for flooding.

The American Red Cross has sent over 20,000 prepackaged meals, along with cots and blankets. Its volunteers around the country have been put on standby, ready to travel to North Dakota if necessary.

All eyes are currently on the skies, as the fate of many communities will be determined largely by how much rain and snow falls over the next week.

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At least eight dead as building collapses during construction in China

Sunday, July 6, 2008

At least eight construction workers have died and thirteen more are injured after a building collapsed during construction in Qiuzhigou Village, a suburb of China’s Wuhan City. It is unclear how many more if any are trapped as the project’s coordinator fled and is being sought by police.

The collapse occurred at 5 p.m. local time yesterday and reduced the four-story structure to a five-metre pile of rubble. The building was a private residence and was illegal as authorities had not been informed of it. Its location in an area accessible only via narrow alleys is hampering search and rescue efforts as heavy equipment such as cranes is having difficulty reaching the scene.

Around 100 rescuers continue to pick through the rubble in the rain. An investigation has been launched.

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Five Unique Ideas For Making A 65th Birthday Party More Meaningful

By Douglas R. Williams

If you want to make a 65th birthday party more enjoyable, make a unique concept which the celebrant will like, arrange a musical lineup made up of the celebrant’s favorite songs, create an audio-visual demonstration that can be played throughout the celebration, create a scrapbook for the party attendees to write on, and create a tribute section.

Throwing an event is one of the best 65th birthday gifts you can provide to someone who has been endowed with 65 fruitful years. And there a variety of stuff you can explore to make the affair more memorable, interesting as well as special. Below are some tips you could do for the bday bash:

Think of a unique concept which the celebrant will love

Connect everything regarding the party with a distinctive concept. Ensure that the theme is a thing that the celebrant will enjoy or will revive fond reminiscences of his or her birthday celebration. The very first thing you can perform is to start out with a colour structure maybe applying the celebrant’s favorite color. And then you can imagine theme elements that you may build around that theme. One more fantastic idea will be to come up with a ‘period theme’ recreating the decade when the celebrant was born. For instance, if you need to recreate the nineteen fifties, visualize events, news, songs as well as movies that were well known throughout that moment and combine them for the occasion concept.

YouTube Preview Image

Schedule a musical lineup consists of the celebrant’s favourite songs

Discover what genre of music the celebrant likes listening to and if he or she is an enthusiast of a certain artist. Some individuals hire bands and also artists to perform throughout the occasion. If this is the case for the celebration you are organizing, be sure to provide them with a lineup of the celebrant’s favourite music. If you’ll not be having a band, you can simply down load the birthday boy or girl’s faves and play them during the special event. An additional wonderful idea for the songs will be to play songs which were well-known through the celebrant’s life-time.

Create an audio-visual presentation that could be played through the occasion

Collect images of the celebrant over the years. Inquire his relatives and buddies to provide a photo that they have. Check out all these and make an audio-visual display. Utilize the celebrant’s favorite tunes as the background music. Request family and friends to write a birthday message for the celebrant and incorporate these in the presentation. You may rent an LCD projector and play the demonstration throughout the occasion.

Make a scrapbook for the event visitors to write on

Provide the celebrant a heartwarming keepsake from the event by making a scrapbook which visitors could write on. Get several photos of the birthday boy or girl and fill the scrapbook using these. Decorate the scrapbook using stickers or perhaps pretty embellishments. Pass the scrapbook around to the friends during the party so they can write their well wishes and hello to the celebrant on it.

Organize a tribute part

Throughout the celebrant’s lifetime, she or he might have been an inspiration and also friend to other individuals. The party will be a fantastic chance to let those individuals show their love and also appreciation. Incorporate a tribute part throughout the party where all of the attendees can stand up and also honour the celebrant with a bday wish. They could also present the bday boy or girl with a gift item and share the meaning behind the object.

There are several approaches to make a 65th birthday party more meaningful. Be creative when you make plans and be sure to ask for suggestions from the celebrant’s family and friends.

About the Author: Written by Douglas R. Williams. For more suggestions on what 65th birthday gifts you could offer, check out


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Facebook hired PR firm to discredit Google, reveals leaked correspondence

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Facebook hired a public relations firm to systematically discredit Google by paying two journalists to plant negative pieces in U.S. newspapers, leaked correspondence discloses. The new revelations are likely to increase tension between the two companies, which are already fierce rivals.

The social network has confirmed the validity of the leaked emails, seen by Wikinews, which suggest executives at the social networking giant hired Burson-Marsteller, a high profile PR and communications firm, to discredit Social Circle, a rival website run by Google. Burson-Marsteller then recruited two journalists — Jim Goldman and John Mercurio — to push editors at The Washington Post and USA Today to publish editorials criticising Social Circle over its privacy settings. The story was exposed after Burson-Marsteller approached a blogger to publish the propaganda, but the blogger posted the correspondence online.

Burson-Marsteller has been forced to apologize for taking on Facebook as a client, admitting the orders to discredit Google violated company policy. “The assignment on those terms should have been declined,” a spokesperson said. The revelations are likely to be incredibly damaging for the firm, who have represented a number of controversial clients in the past. Facebook, however, said the allegations against Google were valid, insisting there were genuine privacy concerns with Social Circle. Google has declined to comment on the issue.

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Canada’s St. Paul’s West (Ward 21) city council candidates speak

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is St. Paul’s West (Ward 21). One candidate responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include John Adams, Tony Corpuz, Joe Mihevc (incumbent), and John Sewell.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.

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