Chemical plant fire decimates Danvers, Massachusetts neighboorhood

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

According to outgoing Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, an explosion that was “equivalent to a 2,000 lb. bomb” and registered 0.5 on the Richter scale decimated an area of Danvers and is also a “Thanksgiving miracle.”

The explosion occurred around 2:45 am EST, this morning in the Danversport area of Danvers, Massachusetts at the plant for solvent and ink manufacturer, CAI Inc. The explosion, which was caught on security camera and was heard up to over 25-50 miles away in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

The explosion damaged over 90 homes, blowing out windows and knocking some houses off their foundations. Officials believe that some of the more extensively damaged houses will have to be leveled and rebuilt. Some of the buildings damaged included a bakery, boats at a close by marina and the New England Home for the Deaf, an assisted-living facility for people who are deaf or deafblind and elderly residents requiring constant care. “These people are extremely fragile,” said state Rep. Ted Speliotis, D-Danvers, whose district includes the affected area. “Many of them have Alzheimer’s and other illnesses. It’s clear they can’t stay here long, but it’s clear they won’t be able to return for quite a while.”

Danvers Fire Chief James P. Tutko toured the area by helicopter and said many residents would be kept from their homes for the foreseeable future. “It looks like a war zone, that’s the only thing I can say,” Tutko said. When asked about the loss of no life at all, he responded “Somebody out there likes us.” Finally, he said that finding out the cause of the explosion would take days.

Outgoing governor Mitt Romney toured the area and said the explosion was a “Thanksgiving miracle” as the explosion was “equivalent to a 2,000 lb bomb going off in a residential neighborhood,” and that no one was killed and only about 10 people suffered only minor injuries in area that included over 300 residents. Residents of the area have been evacuated to the Danvers High School where temporary shelter has been set up by the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay. Donations are being taken for residents affected by the explosion. Residents are also being told to start filing insurance claims right away and to keep track of their expenses for items bought.

There were minor environmental concerns due to water runoff of chemicals. According the Environmental Protection Agency‘s on-scene coordinator Mike Nalipinski, preliminary tests showed low levels of toluene, a solvent, but said it was nothing of significance. Water runoff from the water used by firefighters left a purple sheen on the river and tests were being conducted. However, the water is not a local drinking water supply and the chemical evaporates quickly. Chief Tutko said there was no risk of toxic fumes getting into the air.

An Eastern Propane facility was also located near the area, however, it was not the source of the explosion. A spokesman for the company said that although the property suffered some minor damage, their tanks are secure.

According to WHDH television, a person who answered the telephone at CAI’s Georgetown, Massachusetts headquarters refused comment, and a telephone message left at the company president’s home was not immediately returned.

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Airbus launches world’s largest passenger plane

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Toulouse, FRANCE — In a ceremony attended by several European political leaders and 5,000 VIP guests, Airbus unveiled plans for the A380, a twin-deck aircraft that can carry up to 840 people in all-economy class (550 for a Boeing 747), or 555 people in typical three mixed classes layout.

The new aircraft will take the world’s-largest title away from rival Boeing’s 747. Boeing’s upcoming new design, the 7e7, does not attempt to compete directly with the A380 but instead is aimed at a more efficient and comfortable flight at 200-250 seats.

Airbus chief executive Noel Forgeard stated that he expected sales of the aircraft to exceed the 250 required for the project to break even. To date, 149 confirmed orders for the aircraft have been received. Airbus has hopes that sales will exceed 700. The company is currently in talks with China regarding possible sales there.

The first test flight of the aircraft may take place as early as March, and the first commercial flight is expected to take off in mid-2006 from Singapore’s Changi Airport.

British and American airline Virgin Atlantic has purchased six of these aeroplanes and intend to fit them with gyms and bars as well as seats.

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Two-time Eurovision entrant Edsilia Rombley discusses music, love, and her contrasting Contest experiences

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When she was barely 20 years old, Dutch singer Edsilia Rombley got her first large taste of international acclaim. Already a winner of the smaller imitation contest Soundmix Show, she decided to shoot higher. With a great deal of determination, she performed in front of hundreds of millions of television viewers at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her song, the R&B flavored “Hemel en aarde” (Heaven and earth), placed fourth and gave her country their highest placing at Eurovision since their last win in 1975. No Dutch contestant after her has been able to place similarly.

After the accolades died down, Rombley set her sights on promoting her vision and passion through her music. Partnering with producer Tjeerd Oosterhuis became a double blessing; eventually they became husband and wife. Even a return to Eurovision at the 2007 Contest, with less than favorable results, didn’t keep her discouraged for long. Today she has finished recording a live CD of her favorite English songs, and a live DVD of selections in Dutch, and is currently touring in singing engagements this spring in theaters across the Netherlands.

Edsilia Rombley granted Wikinews’ Mike Halterman an interview; she reflected on her career, her inspirations, what a day is like in her life, and what she would love to do in the future. This is the third in a series of interviews with past Eurovision contestants, which will be published sporadically in the lead-up to mid-May’s next contest in Moscow.

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What Does The Nba Have To Do With The Mba?

Submitted by: Bennett Kravitz

What does the NBA have to do with the MBA? No, I m not dysgraphic. Well I am, but that s not the problem here. The connection I m thinking about concerns the lin-credible Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks great new point guard. I promise not to use any more silly made-up words like Lin-derella Story, or the Lin-sanity that has overwhelmed people the world over. There. It s out of my system.

Ok. All joking aside, I think we have a number of MBA lessons to learn from this NBA feel-good story. Just a brief recap for those of you who have been out of touch with planet earth and aren t acquainted with the Jeremy Lin saga. Lin, an Asian American point guard who graduated Harvard with a degree in economics, went undrafted, was cut by two NBA teams, played in the developmental league, was picked up by the Knicks, and made his debut about two weeks ago and has become a star. His play has transformed the Knicks from a dysfunctional group of talented individuals, to a finely meshed team that could conceivably challenge for the NBA championship. How is this possible, and why should MBA applicants care?

YouTube Preview Image

It s possible because basketball, like business, is a team game. If everyone is out doing her own thing, without taking team goals into consideration, the end result won t be pretty. So it was with the Knicks, and so it is with many businesses. A team, whatever type, needs a leader. And Jeremy Lin has given new meaning to the term leadership. See. I didn t say Lin-dership.

Lin has a number of great qualities that make him an outstanding point guard, the ultimate position of leadership on the court. First, he has great vision, so he is able to get the whole team involved in the game. Players no longer stand around while one star goes one-on-one. If you are open for a shot, there s a good chance that Lin will find you and you can score. He sacrifices his own glory for the good of the team and plays very hard on defense, which is contagious. Everyone is influenced by his unselfish play and tries to emulate him. Even the big stars have bought into his philosophy. Lin, like every great point guard or leader, has a gestalt effect on the team. That is, the team is better than the sum total of its parts because of his great leadership. He leads by example, which is exactly what we expect from a great leader.

We know that leadership is an important part of the curriculum of every business school because it is so important in determining the success of a business venture. The MBA programs devote much time and effort to honing leadership skills and I think Jeremy Lin has many of the qualities a great leader must have. He is smart, understands the big picture, is able to learn from his mistakes, is humble, caring, and desires to share the success with everyone on the team. He inspires his team to reach its full potential, and will always make sure that everyone is involved.

Another lesson we can learn from the Lin story is that you have to be in the right place at the right time. Lin has the type of skills that are best utilized in the system preferred by the Knick s coach. It s not certain he would do as well in other systems. Perhaps that is why he was overlooked by every other team, and even the Knicks let him warm the bench for most of the season. How can we apply this to the MBA? I would say that a candidate must have a clear sense of who he is and what he is suited to do. You might be an ideal candidate for healthcare and less suitable for finance. So as it is with so many other areas of life, you must know your strengths and weaknesses and seek out a career accordingly.

Everyone loves an underdog, someone who comes out of nowhere, defeats the odds, and becomes a star. This state of affairs isn t limited to sports; it can also happen in an MBA program. I recall a candidate who took the GMAT five times, overcame his learning disabilities, was accepted to Cornell, made a significant contribution to the program, and ended up with a very good job. But the thing that is most important to learn from my sports analogy is that leadership is something we can learn and develop, both in the classroom and on the playing field. Go Jeremy! After all, he might end up with an MBA after his career in the NBA.

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NFL star Michael Vick indicted for running dog fighting operation

Friday, July 20, 2007

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and three other men were indicted on Tuesday by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy related to a dog fighting operation. The charges included buying, breeding and training pit bull dogs, transporting the dogs across state lines to illegally participate in fights, and gambling on the fights.

The indictments stemmed from a search of Vick’s Smithfield, Virginia home in April, in which 54 pit bulls were removed, along with equipment used in dog fighting.

The indictment said that Vick had bought the property in Smithfield for US$34,000 to run the dog fighting under the name “Bad Newz Kennels” with two other people named in the indictment. Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips, and Tony Taylor were all named in the indictment along with Vick.

The indictment stated that Vick took part in the killing of eight dogs that didn’t pass test fights, called “rolling”. The pit bulls were allegedly killed by hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog onto the ground.

If convicted of both portions of the conspiracy charge, Vick could face six years in prison and a $350,000 fine. His property, located in Surry County, would be subject to forfeiture under U.S. laws dealing with illegal activities that are carried out at an interstate level. The indictment alleges that the dog fighting operation, involving American Pit Bull Terriers, spilled over into Alabama, North Carolina and New York.

Vick has a court date on July 26 for a bond hearing and to hear the charges. Vick has said that he had a kennel operation on the property, but had no involvement or knowledge of a dog fighting ring.

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Cyber attacks in Estonia threaten national security

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Recent cyber attacks in Estonia that have paralyzed the high tech country’s Web sites are a threat to national security, according to the country’s Minister of Defense. This has concerned NATO, seeing that Estonia is a member state of the organization. The attacks have subsided this week.

The Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo also mentioned that Russia may have been behind the attacks. He stated that the IP numbers in the initial attack belong to Russian government offices, but says that it’s insufficient evidence that the government is behind it. The Kremlin is dismissing the accusations, saying that its caused by hackers producing fake Kremlin IP addresses.

The cyber attacks came after Estonia removed a Soviet-era statue of a Bronze Soldier in Tallinn, which angered many Russians. Riots have left 160 injured, and 1 dead.

Both NATO and the European Union views this as an attack on one of their member states. Three hundred Estonian IT specialist worked day and night to fix the problem.

The Estonian government plans to analyze server logs and data to find out who is behind the attacks.

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Cause For Legal Action, Injuries From Faulty Products

By Adrianna Noton

There are many ways an individual could hurt themselves but when they are not at fault, such as sustaining injuries from faulty products, which they then have every right to sue the manufacturers that built the products that caused them harm. Some attorneys feel it is their duty to bring to light or to the public through a lawsuit the fact that a company is making products that are potentially dangerous to consumers.

Most of the faulty or defective products that make the evening news are children’s products. Baby cribs that are not well made or the instruction are not clear so parents could possibly put them together wrong; toys that are too small and can easily be swallowed by a toddler causing them to choke or toys that break easily and could cut a child are just a few of the examples of dangerous products that parents find harming their children. These unfortunate things happen because the manufacturer did not take the time to properly inspect or design the items.

Some of the other faulty or dangerous products include bicycles, scooters, skates and the new Segways. And children’s toys and ride along vehicles are not the only faulty products that cause serious injuries to consumers, kitchen knives with slippery handles and other kitchen gadgets that are supposed to make life easier often times make life more difficult when they harm a person. Sometimes drills and other handheld tools come up defective along with furniture that could harm a person if it breaks while an individual is sitting in it.

YouTube Preview Image

Food, prescriptions and over the counter medications are another major defective product line that consumers have to be careful of because these types of merchandise could not only cause bodily injury, they could cause death. Foods such as hamburger, chicken lettuce and spinach are just a few of the many foods that could cause harm to humans because of salmonella poisons.

Defective cars have taken over the national news lately with several of the major name brand car companies recalling their vehicles because of faulty breaks, fuel injections that misfire, air bags that do not deploy on impact and electrical wiring that can cause a multitude of problems.

When an individual is injured, through no fault of their own, by a defective product, they may need to consult with an attorney to see if there is any recourse or monetary compensation for the companies failed actions in protecting the consumer from something they created and marketed. A company may not have intentionally put out a product that was going to harm an individual; however, they may not have done everything in their power to prevent accidents from happening.

Lawyers who take on personal injury cases would need to do some research into how a companies merchandise inspection system is handled and if an individual employee was at fault or a piece of equipment or a combination of both allowed the dangerous product to slip through and harm their client. Ultimately no matter who was operating the equipment that day, the company is the responsible party and will have to pay for medical bills, wages lost and pain and suffering experienced by the consumer.

Consumers need to extra vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves against injuries from faulty products. When it comes to children, make sure the toys are large enough they can not be swallowed and if they are showing wear, throw them out. Wash fresh food products to avoid contamination and cook raw meat thoroughly. If a product seems to be difficult to use, consult a consumer guide before purchasing it or a lawyer after an injury has occurred.

About the Author: Find a personal injury lawyer in London that can help to achieve results for you. Whether it’s a personal injury claim London, Motor Vehicle Collisions London our Law Firm can help you.


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Amber Alert canceled in Toronto

Friday, April 14, 2006

Nevaeh Gough is back with her family, and police in Toronto have cancelled the Amber Alert issued earlier today when she was driven away by her father, Daniel James David, after an alleged domestic altercation between the 10-month old’s parents.

Police were called to a home on Warden Avenue at 1:35 p.m. EDT (1735 UTC) regarding a domestic dispute. Police allege Mr David arrived at a motel where the mother and child were staying and assaulted the infant’s mother, then drove away with the child. When he returned to the hotel, they allege he forced the mother into the car and drove her to the home on Warden Avenue, from which he later fled.

Police issued the alert, along with descriptions of Mr David and his vehicle, and the warning that he may have a gun.

The alert was canceled off after approximately an hour when the baby’s grandfather brought her to the police, about 7 p.m. local time.

Mr David was described as 5’10”, black, with black, short hair and brown eyes and has a cheek scar under his right eye. His vehicle is a silver, four-door, 2006 Mazda M6, with Ontario license plate AYFZ 177.

Anyone with information to his whereabouts is asked to contact police at 416-808-4300, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at .

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Former Scottish Conservatives leader Annabel Goldie to stand down as MSP

Friday, June 26, 2015

Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative Party leader from 2005 to 2011, has announced she will stand down as an MSP at the next elections in 2016. Goldie, who has been an MSP for the West Scotland (previously West of Scotland) electoral region since the Scottish Parliament’s formation in 1999, said she intends to focus on her role in the House of Lords, where she has been a peer since 2013.File:Annabel Goldie.jpg

In a statement today, Goldie said leading the party was an “enormous honour” for her. She also said: “It has afforded me both satisfaction and pleasure to serve my constituents and to serve the parliament and I will look back with great happiness at my time as an MSP. I am grateful to friends and colleagues from all parties for their support. Sometimes we found common ground, sometimes we disagreed but never I hope with rancour nor disrespect. Politics is a rough trade but we have built a strong parliament in Scotland of which we can all be rightly proud.” She said because of Ruth Davidson, her successor as Scottish Conservative leader, the party is now “in fine fettle and stands a great chance of making real progress in the years ahead,” concluding by saying: “I look forward to continuing to work as part of that effort in the House of Lords in the years to come.”

Davidson responded to the news by calling Goldie an “unstoppable force”, adding: “She has been an inspiration to a whole generation of Scottish Conservatives, and she has been a tremendous mentor, support and friend to me. In Holyrood, she has fostered both affection and respect from all members – regardless of their political affiliation – and her retirement from the Scottish Parliament will leave an Annabel-sized hole which won’t ever quite be filled. She is unique.” Meanwhile, David Cameron, UK Conservative leader and UK Prime Minister, said: “Annabel is one of those rare breeds in Scottish politics, somebody known by her first name alone. When she was Scottish Conservative leader, I valued her sage advice. She has been a towering strength to our party in Scotland, a doughty debater in the TV studios and Scottish Parliament and has one of the sharpest wits around. I wish her a long and happy retirement after 17 years unstinting service at Holyrood – but look forward to seeing her on the red benches of the Lords for years to come.”

In Holyrood, she has fostered both affection and respect from all members – regardless of their political affiliation – and her retirement from the Scottish Parliament will leave an Annabel-sized hole which won’t ever quite be filled. She is unique.

Goldie, the Scottish Conservatives’ first ever female leader, was elected unopposed. She took up the role in the aftermath of David McLetchie’s resignation from the role in an expenses usage controversy and subsequent resignation of Brian Monteith from his Conservative whip role in the Scottish Parliament for briefing the media against him. Meanwhile, as Scottish Conservatives won 18 seats in the Scottish Parliament in 1999 and 2003, the party had been less successful in UK general elections in Scotland; Conservatives went up from zero out of a possible 72 UK MPs in Scotland in 1997 to one in 2001. This led to Goldie remarking in her inaugural speech in 2005 that: “The wheels are back on the wagon – and I’m the nag hitched up to tow it.” She also said: “The party is still way ahead of where it was in 1997. And my first task is to take it forward to 2007.” However, under Goldie’s leadership, the number of seats the Scottish Conservatives won in the Scottish Parliament slightly decreased from 18 in 2003 to 17 in 2007 and to 15 in 2011. At the same time, the number of Conservative MPs stood at one out of a possible 59 after the 2010 UK general election.

In the aforementioned 2005 speech, she also said the party could be trusted with devolution in Scotland, adding: “making devolution work better means real devolution: not the lumbering and cripplingly expensive array of government departments, government advisers, consultants, quangos, quasi-quangos and agencies with all their expensive appendages, but devolving down to people and their communities, their right to make their own decisions about their lives, how for example they procure healthcare and how they educate their children.” Goldie would go on to sit on the advisory board for the Smith Commission, which was set up to examine which further political powers should be devolved to Scotland following the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. More recently, Goldie supported a reduction in the voting age for Scottish Parliament elections from 18 to 16 in a vote earlier this month, commenting: “I think it is an opportunity for them to continue their high level of engagement in topical affairs that we saw with the independence referendum.”

Goldie, a member of the Salvation Army’s West of Scotland Advisory Board and a Church of Scotland elder, is not the only Scottish Conservative MSP intending to stand down in 2016. Mary Scanlon, Gavin Brown, Alex Fergusson and Nanette Milne all reportedly intend to leave the Scottish Parliament next year.

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