Private Tutoring Can Improve College Acceptance Rates

byAlma Abell

Every high school student who wants to attend college worries about being accepted into a university or college that has a good reputation. Colleges base acceptance on a variety of factors, but test scores and essays are two common benchmarks for determining if an applicant is a good fit for the school. Colleges and universities often post online the minimum scores accepted on standardized tests and the minimum grade point average a student must have for admission. With this knowledge readily available, parents can help improve college acceptance rates for their child by taking advantage of private tutoring in academic subjects.

The Benefits of Tutoring


Private tutoring in The Woodlands TX area can happen on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. The tutor will speak with you to determine where your child struggles and provide individualized instruction in those areas. Depending on the tutoring program that you use, you may supply the work tutored by bringing in homework assignments or the tutoring center will supply the work based on the subjects and concepts needing to be taught.

Students often benefit from private tutoring because there are less distractions and the instruction is individualized instead of a one-size-fits-all type of teaching. Some students also feel more comfortable asking questions in small group setting than they do in large public school classrooms, so your child may feel encouraged to ask questions specific to their problem.

How Tutoring Improves College Acceptance

If your child struggles with test taking, a private tutor can work with him or her to provide test taking tips and strategies. If your child has one particular area on a standardized test that they struggle with, like the essay portion, a tutor can help them pinpoint weaknesses and make them stronger. This will help to increase the overall standardized test score used for college admission.

Private tutoring can also help increase a student’s overall grade point average, which every college admissions officer looks at to determine if a student has the academic ability to succeed at that college. As your child continues with private tutoring in The Woodlands TX area, concepts will start to become clearer and his or her grades will begin to improve. This increases the grade point average and the chance of being accepted into a first choice school.