How To Seal Coat Your Driveway


Although Driveway Paving In Middletown CT is often contracted, it is a chore than can be done by the DIY enthusiast. It is not an overly difficult job, however, it may be dirty. If you elect to seal your own drive, here are a few pointers that may come in handy:

Choose the right time: You will need to keep your eye on the weather forecast, the temperature should hover from 70 to 90 degrees F and the temperature should stay that way for at least three days; the day before the sealing, the day of the sealing and the day after. Not only should the temperature have ideal temperature, there should be no rain during these three days.


Prepare the driveway: The driveway, to look excellent after sealing must start right. Before attempting driveway sealing in Middletown CT, make sure that any and all weeds that may be growing through the drive are completely removed and the drive is power washed clean from any small stones and dirt. Once the drive is clean, you will be able to spot any cracks or holes, these cracks need to be filled. If your drive is concrete, then mix as must cement as required and fill the cracks. If the driveway is asphalt, get a cold patch kit at the hardware and apply it on the cracks. Cold patch is ideal as there is no need for a heat source.

Choose the sealer: This is one place where price really does count. The very high quality sealers will cost more, but in the long run, actually work out to cost less. When doing Driveway Paving In Middletown CT, look for a sealer that promises the longest life, and guarantees it. The pail that the sealer is packed in gives the approximate coverage per coat, once you have determined the area of your drive and any other surface to be coated, determining the amount of sealer to purchase is easy.

Application: There are sealers that say they do not need to be stirred, stir them anyway. Starting at the garage door, pour a puddle of sealant on the drive. Using a squeegee as well as a stiff brush, spread the puddle to the largest area possible. Two coats are superior to one thick coat so spread it as far as possible in anticipation of the second coat.

As you are working, look at what you have done repeatedly. By looking at your work from different angles, you can assure that the coating is the same all over the drive. If there are any spots that you missed, they will show up as you review your work.

When it’s done, keep cars, people and pets off the drive for about 24 hours and then keep your car off it for a week to allow for complete curing.

To eliminate all the work of doing your own driveway sealing in Middletown CT, contact the professionals at Sullivan Paving Co., Inc. They have the skills, the people and the right sealer for a long lasting job.