Wisdom Teeth Removal; It’s Inevitable

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Submitted by: Carol Blueth

Wisdom teeth removal can be a scary thought for a lot of people. There is a lot to learn and know about wisdom teeth removal. Most people at some point in their life have to get their wisdom teeth removed, most of the time it is really inevitable. Before you consider wisdom teeth removal, there are some things that you should learn and know to make your experience a lot smoother.

Wisdom teeth removal is very important to your oral health. Your wisdom teeth are consider your third molar. Your wisdom teeth, or third molar, are not necessary and most people do not have room for them in their mouth. When wisdom teeth grow in, they can make your mouth crowded and cause a lot of different oral health problems, that is why it is essential you get your wisdom teeth removed before they start to cause problems.

Wisdom teeth removal is typically done by your dentist or an oral surgeon. It is a fairly easy surgery with little complications. Depending on your dentist, you might be put to sleep or awake with a local anesthetic. A lot of people preferred to be asleep during the procedure, and I do not blame them! Wisdom teeth removal is done by opening the gum tissue and removing the teeth and any bone that is in the way of your teeth. Most people have all four wisdom teeth, but if you are lucky, you might only have two.


Some complications that may occur with wisdom teeth removal might be impacted wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth become impacted wisdom teeth, which makes them a little harder to remove.

The recovery process for wisdom teeth removal is very quick, lasting typically only a few days. You may have swelling for a few days after your wisdom teeth removal. The swelling should go down with each day. When having wisdom teeth removal done, you want to make sure to take extra care of your teeth during the recovery process. It is important to prevent your mouth from getting an infection or dry sockets. Dry Sockets are very painful and sometimes cannot be avoided, however there are certain things you can do to prevent dry sockets. A dry socket is a painful inflammation that occurs when you do not have a protective blood clot. To help prevent dry sockets, make sure you do not smoke or drink out of a straw until your mouth is fully healed.

Your dentist or oral surgeon should prescribe a pain killer after your procedure to help with the recovery. A pain medication can help significantly and ease the process of recovery. It is possible to get an infection after wisdom teeth removal, however your dentist should check up on you after your surgery to make sure your mouth is healing properly. If you get an infection, it is usually not a big deal, you will be given an antibiotic to help fight the infection off.

Do not put off getting wisdom teeth removal, the earlier you can get it done the better. You want to make sure you are taking the best care of your mouth and oral health as possible. If you are unsure about wisdom teeth removal and how to go about getting them removed, then ask your dentist for advice.

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