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Xyron Ez Laminator Cold Process Laminating Machine Review

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By Jeff McRitchie

*The Xyron Ezlaminator is a 9′ manual cold process laminator designed for users that occasional need to laminate items and documents.

*It is ideal for small offices and personal lamination usage and is popular for use in creating scrapbooks, crafts, signs and stickers.

*Plus, the Xyron Ez-Laminator does all of this without the need for heat, batteries, or electricity.

Features/ Strengths:

*The Xyron Ezlaminator is incredibly simple to operate. All you need to do in order to laminate items using this machine is put your item in the throat of the machine and turn the handle. There is no need for electricity, batteries or heat.

*When you need to change laminating film all you need to do is lift the lid, remove the cartridge and replacing it with another. The cartridges are easy to change and easy to access. Plus, every cartridge has a alert to let you know when it is about to run out.

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*The EzLaminator is also incredibly versatile. It has interchangeable cartridges that allow you to quickly and easily switch laminating styles. You can choose a cartridge for encapsulating documents with laminate on both the front and the back. Or you can laminate one side of your document while applying adhesive to the other.

*The EZlaminator even offers easy trimming of your laminated documents. You can either trim directly in the EZLaminator, or you can remove the cutting tray and trim them by hand.


*The Ezlamiantor is capable of laminating documents up to 9′ in width. However, users who need to laminate documents that are wider than 9′ will not be able to use this machine.

*This machine is also not ideal for use with certain paper stocks or super glossy papers. The laminate may not adhere to these materials. However, this is a problem with almost all personal laminating machines.

*The Xyron EZ Laminator is not ideal for long-run jobs. It not only would be time consuming but would also not be cost effective. This machine is designed for short run lamination for craft projects, scrapbooking and personal use. It is great for occasional lamination, not for volume applications.

*Although there are cartridges available for the Ezlaminator for encapsulation and for creating stickers, those are the only two functions that this laminator can perform. Other Xyron cold laminators have supplies with matte laminate, repositionable adhesive and some can even create magnets. If you need these features you might look at the other Xyron Creative Station laminators that are available on the market.


*The Ezlaminator is made almost entirely of lightweight plastic. However, it does include metal roller bars and a paper trimmer.

*The construction of this machine is more than adequate for most personal users.

*Plus, it is extremely small and portable which makes it ideal for on-the-go projects and scrapbooking parties.


*The Xyron Ezlaminator is a great machine for small offices and home offices that need to ocassionally need to laminate small items or documents.

*It is a great option for sales reps that travel and need a small, portable machine or for personal use in creating scrapbooks, signs, stickers, and other small projects.

*However, the Xyron Ezlaminator is not ideal for users who are looking to do any significant volume of laminating.

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